The enemy of our soul is very crafty and subtle. He is after our faith. Here is an example in scripture.
God delivers His people from Egypt just as He said he would. This was after 10 plagues rocked the Egyptian world. Some of these plagues affected the Israelites and others they did not experience. They experienced his personal protection and deliverance, as it has never been seen before.

God tells Moses to tell His people, I’ve got a good land for you. They even experienced a great deliverance by the Red Sea opening and drying a path for them, that must have been quite an experience. Now it’s time to go spy out this land He has for them. Men go and spy out the land and return with their report.

They bring back evidence, grapes so large you have use polls to carry them. Reports start coming, people are hearing and seeing….it’s really a good land, people are excited, then HERE IT COMES…BUT! There are walled cities (true), there are giants in the land (true), but noticed what they put the emphasis on. They discouraged the people….if you read the account, you will notice the people cried all night long and said, oh that we lived in Egypt (forget about the slavery), has God brought us out here to die! God was not pleased and gave them what asked for – death in the wilderness.

Their faith in God was stolen by a report!

But notice that Joshua and Caleb had a different report….they did not discount the walls and giants, but emphasized that God was on their side. They are bread for us….we can eat them up.

If you aren’t careful you will hear a report, a bill will come in, something will break down, your mate will do something, your kids/family will do something. Your faith is about to be stolen and it’s hard to get it back up when you look and say things. Keep saying what you want and you’ll get it. Oh those kids they will never….just about the time I get ahead a bill comes in, etc. I still feel, I still see, I think, why is it taking so long.

Where is your focus….be like Joshua and Caleb – these things are nothing to our God.
The devil goes about looking whom he MAY devour….you say, “I’m a MAY NOT!”….well 1 in 3 people will get……you say, It MAY NOT come near me.

Don’t let circumstances, your body, anything rob you of your faith in God.

By Sandy Vought

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