The latest trend on cartoon characters from Marvel Comics has produced a lot of movies.  But Jesus also met a Marvel Character in Matthew 8.

Background of character:  Roman Commander, respects God, built a Jewish synagogue in occupied Israel, respected by Jewish leaders.

This unnamed leader in scripture has built a church, think of the money he spent; he has a servant that is dear to him that falls gravely sick.  He has heard of this Jewish healer named Jesus.  He approaches the leaders of the synagogue, so that they would contact Jesus and ask him to come and heal his servant.

The leaders say to Jesus, this man is worthy and Jesus should come.  But the Commander said I’m not worthy or in our language, I’m not entitled.   Only give the command and my servant will be made whole.    You don’t have to be to bright to see that sickness and demons bowed to the commands of Jesus.

Paraphrasing, Jesus said, Wow – this is amazing, I’ve never seen faith like this in the whole country.  Remember he is surround by people who believe in Him, ie disciples, followers, but he MARVELED at this kind of faith.

What was so signifiant about this:

* He understands authority.  I give commands and I receive commands and it’s done.  Jesus commands sickness, disease and demons and they obey.

* Entitled – the man built a building.  The leaders say, oh this man is deserving of this request, but he knew he was not entitled to the obedience.

* He understands the position of being “under”.  If you can not submit to those who are “over” you, then you really have no right to command.  We who have submitted ourselves to Jesus should know we are “under” Him.  If he tells you to do something and you don’t do it, why would a demon, sickness or circumstance obey you.   Jesus said the devil could not find anything in Him, he was fully submitted to the will of the Father, He was “under” command.

* Humility to God carries protection.  Submit yourself to God, is the verse, so who does this? YOU!  What happens, you resist because you are under and the devil flees.  Submit means comes under the mission/command.  When the Holy Spirit deals with you to do something, and you resist or rebel or ignore it, it carries consequences.  After all he sees what you can’t, and is there to protect and provide for you.

God can’t honor rebellion/disobedience.  Look at Lucifer, an amazing creation, he was a Marvel of God’s Workmanship, yet he was so cunning that he convinced a 1/3 of the angels to follow him in rebellion.  What is holding you back from what God is dealing with you about.  Are you ignoring Him, putting it off?

Go on and follow His leadings, His promptings and let Him marvel at your obedience.

By Sandy Vought

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