How to Receive from God

Message from . August 6, 2020.

Who Are We?

First Time?

ornament1The Location:  There are two buildings on this property, the sanctuary is set back behind the fellowship building.

Our Vision


We will be a church that values the Word, Worship and Unity with our fellow Believers and allows the Holy Spirit the freedom to move among us as He sees fit.

A Holy Spirit Church


We believe in the full expression of the Holy Spirit.  Regarding the Holy Spirit, it is our desire to educate and show by example how the Holy Spirit works and flows among His people.  We believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in I Corinthians 12:8-10  

We Worship


We are a church that puts a priority on worship. We love to worship the Lord, because He first loved us and gave us His Son.

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James Everette

God has forgiven you so, don't let the worse thing you've ever done in your life, define who you are.