We are a church that puts a priority on worship. We love to worship the Lord, because He first loved us and gave us His Son.

We express our gratitude during worship by raising our hands, clapping when appropriate, and singing songs along with our worship team. We sing with our understanding and we sing in the spirit (our heavenly language).

We believe it’s important to allow people the freedom to express themselves during worship, provided it’s done in a decent and orderly fashion. We have a great worship team that prepares the atmosphere. We don’t just sing songs and play instruments during worship, we seek to honor the Lord with our whole heart.

If you’re new to our church, we want you to feel comfortable during our worship time so we display the words to our songs on the screen. Immediately after worship, we take time to acknowledge any guest. Then we have some brief announcements and then get ready for the preaching of the Word.