The Lord impressed on me that there was something in Luke 5 that we needed to hear. I read it over and over again looking for the focus. I had a Word to share.

Peter and his fishermen went fishing in their boats on the Sea of Galilee at night and they caught nothing. They were discouraged and tired. In the morning, they came home and Jesus was there. He asked if they could take him out in the boat so he could preach from the boat. Peter said yes, did he stay awake?? After preaching Jesus told Peter to cast his nets to get fish now. Peter the professional fisherman disagreed, because it was the middle of the day, you can’t catch fish in the middle of the day. But Peter did it anyway, because Jesus was the Rabbi.

Since Jesus had been preaching from that boat, and Jesus was anointed, there would be quite a lot of fish hovering around the boat. Peter, the local expert on fishing, was tired. When Peter put out his nets there were so many fish, he had to call the other boats to help, and even then both boats started to sink. The problem was the nets were breaking. Peter had not really believed he was going to get fish in the middle of the day. Peter had not used nets that would support a miraculous load of fish that came because of Jesus’ faith and anointing.

Don’t let your nets break! Make sure your nets are strong and they are ready for your miracles.

Are you prepared for the abundance God is going to bless you with, and for the miraculous and for the glory?!!

Believe and receive!!!


By Victoria Scott

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