Preparations are essential, if you want success.

You prepare for a vacation, prepare a meal, prepare for a test, prepare to build, sell, buy…

There is action, thought, planning, believing, researching, lots of elements. Same with our faith. If you believe for something, then get prepared for it to be manifested.

A friend of mine years ago said she was believing for a microwave, this is when they were new on the market. Seemed like everyone wanted these expensive then machines. The Lord said to her, where will you put it?. So she went to her kitchen and cleared a spot for it and kept saying I have microwave sitting right here…..and it came!

Even Jesus sent his disciples to prepare a place for the Passover meal, there was preparation needed and God provided.

So as you contemplate something you need or desire, are you prepared for it?

People gathered to pray for rain, but only one person brought an umbrella.

Why did a revival break out in a certain place, the man said they had prepared their building and their hearts to receive people.

So what are you believing for….are you prepared to receive it?

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