Scripture says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17

If you never hear teaching or preaching on healing, then faith to be healed will not come.
If you never hear teaching or preaching on being born-again or salvation, the faith to be “saved” will not come.
If you never hear teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, then faith to be filled will not come.
If you never hear about God’s provision, God’s wisdom for life, how to live a godly life, how to walk in freedom from oppression…and the list goes on. Then how is faith to come?

Hear and keep hearing on a subject, then faith will rise up! Grab that and it becomes yours!

How do you grab faith when it comes? By saying, “Faith without works is dead.” When that spark of, “Yeah! That’s mine!” or “Yeah! I see that!”, then you begin to say something with your words.

Example: Healing…you begin hearing messages on healing and you STAY in pursuit of it until that spark rises up in you and begins to inspire you. You have confidence to speak with confidence in declaring what Jesus has done. Declarations of, “I speak to you liver, in the Name of Jesus, function as God created you to function. I speak to the cells and command you to be normal.” (add whatever you need). Every time a thought or feeling comes, you must speak to the thought or the pain or the feeling.

You CANNOT fight a thought with a thought, you must fight a thought with speaking words, because you believe yourself more than anyone else.

Take that same premise and apply it to anything happening in your life.
Find out from the Word, your source of information.
Find someone preaching on what stirs you up (lots of resources are available).
Continue hearing and hearing that Word.
When you get full, then that confidence rises and you know you have boldness in your declaration.
Don’t be moved by what you FEEL…Be like Jesus..He was on a mission to save us..He endured the cross. Imagine that first stripe. OH NO, I feel bad, Father deliver me. Remember feelings come and go, continuously.
Image the victory you will obtain.

So get to hearing….

By Sandy Vought

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