I read a wonderful book on Psalm 23, the man was a shepherd of sheep. His description of caring for sheep and this verse has always stayed with me.

In order to get sheep to lie down, 4 things had to be present:
1. Free of all fear.
2. Free from friction with others of their own kind.
3. Free from torment by flies or parasites.
4. Free from the feeling to need to find food and be free of hunger.

The Bible says fear has torment, have you ever been tormented by thoughts? It’s hard to lie down when thoughts are buzzing around your head. People/family/co-workers can cause friction and provoke us to do things that we would probably never do. Sheep poke at other sheep. Sheep need to be free from torment by flies or parasites, if not dealt with, it can lead to bad health problems. Like us we have to ward off people who want to hang on to us, they can become a parasite and affect our health. They need to be free from the feeling of a shortage of food. Money can get tight and worry overtake us.

But notice what Jesus said, notice the birds….they aren’t worried, your heavenly father will take care of you. Getting worked up and worried will not add to your day or life. God does not give us fear….because there is none in Him to give. My sheep know my voice….keep listening for His voice everyday, this will bring peace to you. Learn the language of love, prefer one another. Learn how to walk in love, it will reduce the stress in you that others want to impose on you. Flies can drive sheep to distraction, but the good shepherd will anoint the head of the sheep to protect them from pest. Spending time in the presence of the Lord, brings peace and quietness to our souls. Speaking the Word, memorizing it, prayer and worship can free us.

David tended sheep in dry climates and green pastures are not common. The shepherd had to clear the land, seed it and water the land. Like Jesus does for us, he helps cultivate our lives and longs to see us grow. Only spending time with our shepherd, Jesus will we find ourselves free of torment. He will help us discern how to deal with others. Let Him bring peace to your soul and lead you to a place of peace and contentment.

Go on spend some time with the Good Shepherd!

By Sandy Vought

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