While worshipping during a Sunday service, I saw in the natural a spiritual illustration of what happens with our hearts. In the natural, we have arteries that are designed to allow the flow of blood to go through them. However, over time we start to develop a build up in our arteries that can effect the amount of blood flowing through those arteries. This usually is a result of taking in food that is not healthy or good for us. The build up, if not corrected, can cause a narrowing or blockage of the arteries resulting in blood not flowing through them efficiently.

God wants to come in and perform surgery on our hearts. The Great Physician wants to come in and remove all the resistance. Just like a closed off valve needs to be opened, the Lord wants to open up the area’s we’ve closed off to Him. Many of us feel like we are ok, but God is saying I’m coming into the deep places of the heart, but I can’t enter where I’m not welcomed. God wants to come into places of our heart and perform true healing. He wants to come into places that we have kept closed off. We’ve even said Lord I won’t let you into this place. As long as we keep Him out of those protected areas of our heart, we will never be fully restored. God wants to do surgery on our hearts so just give Him everything you’ve been holding on to.

Our spiritual hearts are designed to have the Word of God flowing through them. When we got born again, we received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We repented of our sins and received His forgiveness. He gave us a new heart that is designed to allow the Word of God to flow through it.

Not a heart of stone that is rigid, but a heart of flesh that responds to intimacy with the Father and with other people.

Just like bad food can cause blockage of our natural arteries of the heart, unbelief, wrong thoughts, un-forgiveness, un-resolved hurts, anger, hate etc. can cause a hardening of the heart to develop. Some of us have actually created areas of hardness by protecting our hearts from further hurts. While this may appear to be a self protecting method of preserving ourselves, this type of action prevents the Great Physician from coming in and removing the blockage that will eventually harm us. The Holy Spirit wants to flow through us freely.

I believe God wants to heal areas within our hearts we’ve protected for way too long. Just as a surgeon takes his scapula and removes plaque from clogged or blocked arteries, the Lord will remove and heal anything hidden in our hearts if we just give Him access to those secret and protected places.

Before surgery, patients must sign a release that agrees with the procedure the physician is about to perform. The prayer of faith is the agreement to let Him come in and heal your heart. If you sense the Holy Spirit speaking to you concerning this subject, just say this prayer to Him.

Father forgive me of protecting my heart from you and not allowing you to heal hidden areas of my heart. I open up to you and say come in and restore to me the full flowing of the Word of God. I receive your restoration to my heart and see myself whole and healed in Jesus name. Thank you for your goodness, your mercy and your love towards me. Amen!

By Pastor James Everette

© Father's House Church International

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