Workings of an Orchestra Leader

1. There are a lot of moving parts that all sound different.
2. Even the parts that look alike sound different in the hands of different people.
3. The parts all have to be tuned to the same vibration scale number.
4. When the moving parts are all trying to tune at the same time there is a cacophony of sound that irritates to the bone.
5. But once the conductor steps onto his podium, there is a holy hush.
6. When his baton comes down to establish the rhythm, a beauty of sound comes forth that could not even be imagined moments before.
7. There comes a rise and fall of sounds that pick us up and carry us away into another realm. We rise to levels of communication and beauty way beyond our daily existence.
8. And when the music finally fades away, we go forth refreshed, strengthened, and humbled by the experience.
9. Different conductors create different sounds. You can give the same music score to several conductors, and each one will emphasize something different than the other.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you perhaps see a picture of the Body of Christ coming from every tribe and tongue, looking very different from each other and making different sounds from each other, emphasizing different things?

There is only one Conductor that we should follow, the Holy Spirit, because He hears what the Father wants to emphasize.

But when we allow the Holy Spirit to take His place on the podium of our lives, then we find ourselves in harmony with each other. We are able to reach heights in Him that we would never reach alone. Then we are able to affect the world, in the same way great orchestras affect their listeners.

We can go forth as a unified body, sharing the beauty of love that we have with God and each other, even prefering one another over ourselves.

There are many heights to be reached in God’s kingdom, but we won’t reach them alone. Once we submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we will then go together to the heights of His glory that we have yet to see.

What beautiful music we will make as we come together in the unity that only comes forth from being led by God’s own Spirit.

By Rebecca Napier

© Father's House Church International

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