One of my favorite things to do is to crawl up on my bed with my Bible, Strong’s Concordance, pencil and paper and say, “Okay, Lord what do you relly mean by this Word?” One day I did just that with Psalm 29 and was very surprised with what came forth.

Definitions in verses 5–8:
1. Cedars: tenatious roots
2. Lebanon: the heart
3. Sirion: the Lord prevails
4. divides: hews; to fell by blows of an axe
5. flames of fire: hot weapons of war
6. shake: to writhe in pain
7. shakes the wilderness: driven to desert place
8. wilderness of Kadesh: a place of wavering.

A fews days after studying this, I receivewd a phone call from an elderly friend of mine who was a powerful intercessor. She was in the middle of a heart attack and instead of calling 911 she called me to pray. I immediately thought of Psalm 29 and began to pray something like this:

“Lord, I lift (her name) before Your thone. I take authority over the tenatious roots in her heart and I cut them loose and clean them out of her heart in Jesus Name. I declare that You make her heart skip like a calf, healthy and strong. Like Sirion, the Lord prevails in her heart. Lord, hew out hot weapons of war against the enemy who comes after your servant to destory her. You send the enemy to a desert place and cause him to writhe in pain there in that place of wavering. But we will not waver! We will stand and see the salvation of the Lord.”
About that time my friend said, “It’s over. The heart attack has stopped and the pain is gone. I will rest now.”

I stood there holding the phone in my hand for a long time, once again awe-struck at seeing what my God had just done for His preicious servant.

I know that for many times to comes I will head for my bed with my Bible and my Strong’s and dig for the precious treasure that is buried in the powerful Word of God.

By – Rebecca Napier

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