We often think that communing is the same as fellowship. Communing with one another is not fellowship, it goes deeper than fellowship, it comes from the heart.

Dictionary meaning of Fellowship fĕl′ō-shĭp
Noun: The companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms. Friendship; comradeship. A close association of friends or equals sharing similar interests. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

Dictionary meaning of Communing
Verb: 1. To converse or talk together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, etc…, interchange of thoughts or feelings.
2. To be in intimate communication or rapport.
Noun: Interchange of ideas or sentiments.

Bible Meaning of Commune: To commune is to converse confidentially and sympathetically. It is represented in both Hebrew and Greek by several words literally signifying: To Speak.
To communicate is to impart something to another, so that it becomes common to giver and receiver. Luke 6:11 Dialaleo, and Luke 22:4 and Acts 24:26 Homileo

Homileo: (hom-il-eh’-o)
Definition: to consort with, to converse with
Usage: I consort with, associate with, commune with; particularly, I talk (converse) with.

Dialaleo (dee-al-al-eh’-o)
Definition: to discuss
Usage: I converse together, talk of; of conversation passing from mouth to mouth.
In Communing with one another also involves partaking. Partaking of what that person is imparting.
Partake means: 1. Eat and Drink 2. Join In

When you listen to what is being imparted and hear it with your heart, you are partaking of that imparting.

You are joining in, then in exchange, you impart to the other person.

Have you ever made a bowl of ice cream for your spouse or has your spouse brought you a bowl of ice cream? It’s something in the natural that was given to you by your spouse. You partook of it, it was good. Right?

It’s the same when you converse with your spouse. Your Husband, Your Wife, has something good to impart.
When we recognize that we will be more prone to give a listening ear and give an encouraging word when needed. When we come to the table, we all have something to bring. When your spouse has something to say or something on their heart to share, or they are excited about something, remember they are imparting to you so give a listening ear.

Note: GIVE, a listening ear. In return, you will receive a listening ear.
You are communing with one another.
Jesus and the Disciples partook of communion together. Jesus brought to the table all of who He was and all of what He was about to freely give. The disciples partook of it. I Corinthians 11:23-26
The disciples knew the importance of valuing what Jesus shared.

Don’t forget you all have something good to bring to the table of your marriage and value what is being shared.

Mitch and Mary Mims
Marriage Matters Directors

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