God’s Fire catches you on fire

It is the light of world

God’s Fire is the torch

To light your way through the darkness of this world

Let it be in engulfing
Let it be consuming
Let it be enlightening
Let it be purifying

To yourself and to someone else.

Let God’s Fire purify you as gold.
Set ablaze, melted, allowing the impurity’s to dissolve away; until all that is left is
pure gold.

Pathways of Heaven
Fire burns as long as it has fuel, no matter how much.

Set your heart a blaze with God’s Fire.
Let it spread near and far.
Consuming all who come near.

Hear God’s word, renew God’s Fire
Be like the mighty Redwood explode in new birth of God’s Fire.

Explode like lava as it hits the water, creating new land for God’s people to inherit, to rule and have dominion.
God’s people chosen pure with fire like Gold, Amen!

By Christina Merino

© Father's House Church International

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