Social Media
Whatever social media your kids have, you should have too, and be friends with them (letting them know that you can see what they are posting creates accountability).
Set an appropriate age for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.
Make sure to explain that everyone can see what you post and to be selective in the information you put out there (never post your phone #, address, etc)
Be sure that their settings are private.

Talk about what is acceptable to post and that once it’s out there you can’t get it back.

Almost every handheld device is equipped with wifi.. Whether you have a kindle, nook, ds, psp or ipod; be sure to familiarize yourself with the parent controls, and the access that they have to wifi hotspots. Schedule a time to check out the new content on their device.

Keeping an open line of communication is the key.  Even when you don’t agree, allow your kids to voice their opinion; you might be surprised by their point of view.  If possible try to find a way to compromise and flex when the situation allows. Our children are our legacy so take time to invest in them and their future.

Here is a great resource:
Get their APP called “Plugged In” on their site.

By Lenny & Amy Garcia (Youth Pastors)

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