Quotes from Sister Ruth Carneal

Let the Lord turn you inside out. God is tuning the body of Christ.
If you want to romance with the Lord you have to dance with the Lord.
Don’t limit yourself.
When you know how big His love is there’s no room for anything else.
Order your words or you will have to eat them.
Miracles, talk about them.
Let God mold you into things that are holy, pure and true.
Let God do His holy work.
God wants foolish people that can show the world there’s a God that’s real.
Time is short. Let God do what He wants to do in you.
Don’t listen to the words of people, He keeps books.
God puts on us what we can handle.
Birth Jesus everyday.
Don’t try to figure out the Spirit, just yield to Him.
God wants to fill His people with His glory. When you enter His glory you see what He sees.
When you get to know God you can ask Him questions. Lord what do you think about our praise today.
One vision will carry you for a long time.
When people come into your life don’t ignore them, it may be from God for a season and a reason.
God wants to do more than what we are willing to let Him. He is into miracles.
There’s four ears, deaf ear, itchy ear, listening ear and a hearing ear.
Holiness means be holy to the best of your ability. God is Holy.
Learn to wait on the Lord, don’t make it up, just wait on the Lord.
Ask Him to make you hungry for the glory. Ask Him to do things in your life.
Clean up your conversation. Let no corrupt thing proceed out of your mouth.
Ask the Lords opinion on things that you hear.
God is speaking all the time. Get our hearts prepared to hear it.
He wants a new desire in our heart. Don’t carry that problem around.
There’s no Amen at the end of the book of Acts!

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