Pastor James makes the spiritual decisions over this body; but he works with Team Leaders over the function and vision of this ministry. We believe in team input and participation, making the church vital to the believers spiritual life.

We have a Board of Trustees that provides oversight and guidance.

Tithes and Offerings…we do not believe that anyone should be manipulated into giving. We believe the Bible makes it clear that tithes and offerings carry a blessing. Scriptural evidence……Proverbs 3:9-10, Malachi 3:10-12

Tithes and offerings given to Father’s House Church are used for this local body. As a church we also tithe off all that we receive by giving into other ministries. We have safeguards in place for collecting and counting of funds.

Background checks are required if anyone desires to work with children, youth or ushering. This information is secured using a source for gathering, the information is guarded.

Each department has their own set of requirements for workers in that particular area. Guidelines help to ensure continuity for that area and what is expected as well as any specific guides needed. Example: Children’s Department have sign in and parental notification so the child is ministered to and looked after according to their specific needs.

Team spirit and team building is part of our DNA… one works alone. Your input is valuable and considered.

We have several ways that we communicate any event: Our website, church monthly bulletins, email blast, pulpit announcement, sanctuary/foyer rolling slides.  Hopefully you see these publications and make yourself available to be informed of events.