Your Voice – Your Vote

Here are some helpful resources for  you to prayerfully consider who and what to vote for….your voice matters!  If you find sites, that are helpful, please let us know.

For a Christian perspective, watch this from KCM ministry:   You will be shocked at the statistics that David Barton gives on people who vote, especially Christians, we truly can make a difference.

→ Voting Is A Biblical Issue

Republican Party Platform, click here

Democratic Party Platform, click here

A comparison of the two platforms –

Voting is a Responsibility!  Educate yourself!

To register to vote in California,

LAST DAY to register is Monday, October 19, 2020

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd

Biblical Voter site

San Diego County Guide by C DeMaio –

Family Voter Info for 2020,

iVote – California information