12 Baskets Ministry

“Blessed to be a Blessing”

Twelve Baskets is an outreach ministry of Father’s House Church International.   We offer free assistance in the form of fresh, frozen, and canned/boxed foods.  We receive the good foods being thrown away by local grocery stores and pass to those in need.  We bless the “Household of Faith” and supply to other non-profit groups.  During a time of economic turmoil and instability, this ministry has consistently provided roughly 2000 lbs of food to over 200 people each week.  Twelve Baskets takes no government funding and relies solely on the charitable donations to meet these needs.

This ministry is run through the contributions of Father’s House Church International members and volunteer staff.

12 Baskets is open Monday’s at 12 -1 pm at the church at the storage container on the lower level.

This ministry has partnered with another ministry:  “Bridge of Hope”.  These locations are NOT operated by any member of our church, you will need to provide them with necessary information they require.   Follow their instructions on their site.  http://bridgeofhopesd.org/   or call them at (858) 380-7993

Director is Noreen Lyons